A-Plus Mudjacking serves the metro Kansas City area. We can help make your home livable again. We’re prompt, friendly and courteous – without breaking your bank! Call us for a FREE estimate for the following services:

  • Driveways – Droopy driveway? No problem. A-Plus Mudjacking will restore your driveway to it’s proper place!
  • Garage Floors – Over time garage floors can sink below the lip of your driveway, we’ll bring it back up to where it belongs.
  • Patios – What good is a sunken patio when it’s time to throw a good old-fashioned Kansas City BBQ party? None at all! Call us to fix it for you so you can get back to having fun!
  • Sidewalks – A saggy sidewalk is not only unattractive, but if it’s uneven all over can be dangerous to your family and visitors to your home. Let us even out that sidewalk for your peace of mind.
  • Stoops – A tilting stoop can cause hazards – especially when covered with snow in the winter time. We’ll lift it back up, helping to make it safer.
  • Fill Voids – Sometimes, all you need is a void filled. A-Plus can fill any voids quickly at an affordable price.
  • Basements – An uneven basement floor can lead to uneven floors in your house if it’s not repaired. We can go in, lift up the sunken areas, leveling it back out. It’s more affordable than you might think! 
  • Foundation Slabs – A slab can become uneven over time due to moisture changes in the soil beneath. A-Plus can jack up your slab, evening out the material below, restoring your home to a more stable state.